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Upcoming Dates:

Opening Night
April 18th (Postponed to
April 21st)

Welcome to the NEW GKMSA Website!!!

News and Notes

***Opening Night and games this weekend have been postponed. The start of the season will begin Monday April 21st. We will also have an update on the Opening Night Ceremonies as soon as possible. Thanks***

Final 2014 Divisional Alignment

Important Bat Rule Note
: The DeMarini Steel bats will no longer be allowed in any division of play beginning this upcoming 2014 season. The entire league will now use the bat list that divisions 2 and 5 have used in years past.

Please check back often, as the GKMSA Website continues to grow. Also check us out on our Facebook Page. For more information on ASA Softball visit the NH ASA site.

Greater Keene Men's Softball Association
Sign-up for our New Text Notification System:

We have now moved to a new text notification system. These
text notifications will be sent out for game cancellations, meetings,
tournament reminders, and an assortment of other things. Game
cancellations will no longer be announced on the Snack Shack
phone as they previously were. To sign-up for these text
notifications please visit this link:

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